À Paris (English translation)

  • Artist: Yves Montand (Ivo Livi)
  • Song: À Paris 4 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, Greek, Romanian
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In Paris

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In Paris
When a love flowers
It's like, for weeks,
Two hearts smiling at each other
Just because they love each other
In Paris
In spring
On the rooves, the weathercocks
Spin and flirt
With the first wind
That's passing by, indifferent
For the wind
When coming to Paris
Has but one concern left
It is to dawdle around
In the uptown
Of Paris
The sun
Which is his old friend
Also takes part in the feast
And, like two schoolboys,
They go on a spree
In Paris
And, hand in hand,
They go without punching each other,
Looking, on the way,
If Paris has changed
There are always
Taxis on the prowl
That illegally take you on
Before the parking
Where there's still the
Taxi agent
At the café
You see anyone
Drinking anything
Talking with his hands
Who's here since morning
At the café
There's the Seine
At any hour
She has her visitors
Looking in her eyes
These are her lovers
Of the Seine
And there are those
Who nested
Near the bed of the Seine
And who wash at noon
Every day of the week
In the Seine
And the others
Those who are over it
Because they saw it too much
And who want to forget
So they take the plunge
But the Seine
She prefers
Seeing the nice boats
Going for a sail on her
And with her stream
Playing caravels
On the Seine
Are not just in Paris
They're all over the world
Yes but all over the world
Paris isn't everywhere
That's the trouble
In Paris
On July 14th
By the paper lanterns' light
You danse on and on
With the accordion's music
In the streets
Since The Bastille
Has been stormed in Paris
In every suburb
And on every crossroads
There are guys
And there are girls
Who, on and on,
on the cobblestones,
night and day,
Are whirling and whirling
In Paris
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À Paris

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