Álfheimur (English translation)

English translation


There's a breeze outside and fjords are freezing,
the bitter winter speaks.
Elven goddesses stand guard,
inside, a fire sinters.
A wolf's battlecry is heard,
the warg is furious.
Elven children in beautiful dresses,
snuggle up to their mother.
Canyons tremble and collapse,
starving lunatics throw stones at you.
Their own home remains,
here sleep the beautiful elves.
The thunder god shook the forest,
shelter is promised by Odin.
We learn to read books,
lie there and sleep.
Elven children in a tall palace,
hear no-one crying.
Giants wander out there, and trolls.
Elven riddles are solved.
The evening will soon burn cold,
the calf's stress is relieved.
The forces keep continue over centuries.
The elf's writing reads:
The warmth gets you half way,
the pain cuts and we feel sorrow.
Weary, the elf takes an oath,
the wailing forces the poor thing.
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