Áwaseru (English translation)

  • Artist: Izaline Calister
  • Song: Áwaseru
  • Translations: English


Koro - Awaseru djis kai p’ami
Refreská mi kurá p’ami
Nos mesté di awa
Tata manda poko awa p’ami
Ai no lubidá
Drecha koló di mi lugá
Hasiéle bèrdè kla
Yena nos mondinan ku flor
I aliviá kalor
Awaseru si bo koperá
Ku baile di seú nos por selebrá kosecha
Awaseru, yuda nos
Pa drecha un par di kos
Kambia shinishi pa koló
Basta sekura awó
Muha tur e maishi plantá
Ai, tata manda nos, bendishon den form‘i awa
Awa ta chip riba mi dak
M’a sali pafó, m’a wak
Un arko íris di koló
Kasi e ta ful rondó
T’ un señal ku bo ta skucha nos
I ku kueru i agan nos lo kanta bo alabansa
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(Chorus) Rain, just fall for me
Freshen my garden for me,
We need water
Father, send me a little water
Oh, don't forget
Fix the color of my place,
Make it bright green,
Fill our woods with flowers
And alleviate the heat
Rain if you cooperate
We can celebrate the harvest with the seú
Rain, help us
To fix a couple of things
Change grey into color
It's dry enough at this point
Soak everything and the corn
Oh father, send us a blessing in the form of water
The water splatters upon my roof
I went outside, I saw
A colorful rainbow
Almost a full circle
It's a sign that you're listening to us
And with drums and hoes we will sing your praise
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