'Â pittima (English translation)

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The collection agent

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What can I do, what can I do
I don't have the arms of a sailor
at the end of my arms I don't have the hands of a bricklayer.
My hard fist looks like a nest
My chest is as broad as a finger,
broad enough to hide with my suit behind a piece of yarn.
I go around asking for money
to people who borrowed it and don't want to give it back
and I ask for it timidly, but in front of many people.
As for those who won't listen to reason
- it's like sneezing against thunder -
I tell them that living is expensive, but cheap.
I am a respected collection agent,
don't go around telling [everybody]
that when the victim is flat broke I give them my own money.
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'Â pittima

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