Å, jeg vet en seter (English translation)

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Å, jeg vet en seter

Å, jeg vet en seter
Da klokka klang
Du og jeg og vi to
Ellinga vellinga vatlandsguten
Gubben Noa
Gubben og gamla
Lua av! (Nei, nei, gutt)
Nisser og dverge
Tre små kinesere
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English translation

Oh, I Know A Seat

Oh, I know a seat
Then the clock sound
You and I and we two
Ellinga Vellinga the boy from Vatland*
Old man Noah
Old man and old**
Turn off! (No, no, boy)
Gnomes and dwarfs
Three little Chinese
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Author's comments:

*"Ellinga vellinga" the boy from Vatland ("Elling Velling" could also be a name)
** I didn't understand why do they use the word which have the same meanings. If you have another idea, please tell me.

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