Serap Sapaz - Çok Tatlısın (English translation)


Çok Tatlısın

Sende başka sihir var büyücü mü baban senin
Görür görmez vuruldum avcı mı baban senin
[Nakarat] x2
Çok tatlısın güzelsin şekerci mi baban senin
Kaşın kara, gözün kara kömürcü mü baban senin
Gözün yüksekte senin, burnun havada senin
Geziyor bulutlarda pilot mu baban senin
[Nakarat] x2
Altın gibi bir kalbin var kuyumcu mu baban senin
Yetiş bende yangın var fırıncı mı baban senin
[Nakarat] x4
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English translation

You`re very sweet

There`s another magic in you, is your father a wizard?
At first sight I got shot, is your father a hunter?
Chorus x2
You`re very sweet, is your father a confectioner?
Your eyebrows`re dark, your eyes`re dark, is your father a charcoal burner?
Your head is held high, your nose is in the air
You`re walking around on clouds, is your father a pilot?
Chorus x2
You have a heart like gold, is your father a jeweler?
Come fast, there`s a fire in me, is your father a firefighter?
Chorus x2
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