Început (English translation)

  • Artist: Timpuri Noi
  • Song: Început
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Domnul meu,
Ochii i-ai deschis și-ai dat de greu
Doar în somn
Viața ta e viata unui domn,
Pe jumătate, jumătate, dar plăcut,
Un lucru-i sigur
Ai s-o iei mereu de la-nceput...
Tot ce vrei
Te încolăcește ca un clei,
Mintea ta doar în somn e sigură pe ea
Si somnul dulce te invaluie placut
Noaptea te duce spre acelasi inceput...
Ai s-o iei mereu de la-nceput...
Ai sa-mi spui ca mai bine e decat cand nu-i
Ca mai sunt fara liniste chiar si-n mormant
Crezi ca spui bine despre universul tau tacut
Doar zi, doar noapte e mereu acelasi inceput ...
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My man,
You opened your eyes and found a dilemma
only in your sleep
your life is the life of an aristocrat
On behalf, but nicely
One thing's for sure:
You're gonna start all over again...
All that you want
is turning you around like a glue
your mind is sure only in your sleep
and sweet sleep is covering you nicely
The night is guiding you to the same begining
You're gonna start all over again...
You're going to tell me it's better than not
That they are still not quiet even in the grave
You think you're saying it good about your silent universe
Only day, only night is always the same beginning ...
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