Öyle Bir Yerdeyim Ki (English translation)

  • Artist: Selda Bağcan
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Such a state I'm in

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Such a state I'm in
Such a state I'm in
One part of me is marred moss, swaying in the waters*
My friend, O my dear friend
Such a cruel check* is this
Such a maddening balance
One part of us sheds its leafs
And the other part blooms into a spring garden
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Author's comments:

*This song was written by a poet (one of the millions of Turkish citizens) who went through the torture chambers of the NATO-backed coup d'état in (1979>)1980 in Turkey. So when he says: One part of me is marred moss (literally: blue moss,) he refers to his body which is covered in bruises from the beatings he received. He likens his bruised body to a pile of marred moss swaying in the waters (his badly bruised and broken body unconscious at the hands of the tortures). But he also likens the other part of himself (the heart, the soul,) to a young tree blooming into a spring garden. To understand the meaning behind this, you have to know the Turkish culture. In Turkish understanding of the self; mankind is made of two parts. One part is the Et-Öz: The body self (the part made of flesh and bone.) And, the other part is the Ot-Öz: The fire self (the part made of fire-heat). The body self represents the captivity, imperfection, vulnerability and the fire self represents things that are godly. The fire self is free of conditions, it is never-ending, it is forever renewing. So the poet refers to the fundamentals of the Turkish psyche and wants the listener to know that desire for freedom is godly therefore a never-ending thing so, we should keep renewing our hopes just as nature does with the trees every springtime.
Such a cruel check* is this: Literally, what a cruel borderline/barrier this is.
NATO-backed coup d'état in (1979>)1980 in Turkey has prevented the democratic progress that was happening in the country. The NATO-backed coup eliminated all the democratic institutions and promoted and supported the Islamists into power who are in charge of Turkey nowadays.

Öyle Bir Yerdeyim Ki

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