Genetikk - Über alles (English translation)

English translation

Above everything

[Verse 1: Karuzo]
Who does rap like us? Who is real when he lies?
Has despite fame still love and respect from the street?
Who is smart like a raven, and heavy like a bear?
Who has hunger like a whole pack of wolves? Say who, who
Who is the gang? Who is down in the hood?
Who sells over ten thousand records?
Who pumps this shit every day, every night and inbetween?
Who does it like us, and doesn't give a fuck for the bitches?
Who has talent, plus intellect equally?
Who gives a shit about fancy-schmancy parties and stays street?
Who is at the start because he loves this shit
And raps as the only one to Sikk aka SZA's beats?
Who is underground and mainstream at the same time?
Tell me who is signed at the label number 1?
Who gives a shit about the haters, and fucks the game?
Dude, it's Genetikk, even if the most don't get it
(Hook: Karuzo) [x2]
One: We are the truest in german
Two: We contaminated your youth
Three: You were deceived by other crews
Four: Genetikk above everything, yeah
[Verse 2: Karuzo]
Who if not us is chosen for this shit?
Tell me who except for us lives this style?
Who climbs on the throne and lets the rest kneel down?
Who consumes more and is clean again at the test?
Who is so loyal, so royal, so high?
Who wants to diss us, what, you? Oh, no
Who infects German rap with the evil?
Who is exaggeratedly cool and sleeps with the lions?
Who makes the pact with Mephisto?
Who kicks flows in strip clubs and satisfies their shit addiction there?
(Who) Is schizo, but not so much that he is apparent?
Who becomes a legend when he bites the dust prematurely, dude?
Who is surrounded by mysticism?
You want to pretend we don't exist but make us alive
Who is the crew that you follow and look for in the temple?
Dude Genetikk, all other gangs are gay!
(Hook: Karuzo) [x2]
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