Dionysis Savvopoulos - Aggelos Exaggelos | Άγγελος Εξάγγελος (English translation)

English translation

The Messenger Angel

The messenger angel came to us from far away
leaning on a crutch,
he didn't know how to speak, not to speak at all
and he used his tongue only to lick us.
The news he brought to us all lies
but sounded softly to our ears,
because each lie seems like a truth
and listening him our soul eased.
He made his bed back in the market place
and made jokes in the tavern.
He was a customer bringing a good mood in the barber shops and baths
and he used to look at the fishes in the pond.
And as the winter passed summer came
and then again the cold weather was back.
Until a night, well what an odd thing,
he suddenly started to shout maniacally.
My feet were burnt in this no man's land,
night after night after night.
The news i brought to you sounded softly to your ears,
but they are far away from the truth.
Immediately we understood, what he was trying to say to us
so we told him numbly to go away.
If he hadn't any good news to say to us
He would better not say any.
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Aggelos Exaggelos | Άγγελος Εξάγγελος