Dionysis Savvopoulos - Ας κρατήσουν οι χοροί (English translation)

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Let the dance keep on going

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Let the dance keep on going
and we will hang out in different places
in the countryside,oh boy,
until this gathering
will unfold like an autonomous village.
Up in stellar space
with receivers and antennas
the Greeks make networks
and history is made by the close friend's circle.
George starts
''We are and we are not
we are nothing oh boy''
and little John sings
''If nothing is written then something will come out.''
And in the night's glowing light
here comes Alkis our little boy,
to join old and new paths
with our future's rock.
Sky is on fire
easy come easy go
sparkles and circuits
and the shining circle of close friends
the sky mirrors
on beaches.
And either with antiquity
or the Orhtodoxy
the Greek communities
are constructing another galaxy.
Here comes Babis who is drunken
and Lydia who is ashamed
because everybody looks at her, oh boy.
And Achilles and Zoi
in front of the Polaroid camera
they are smiling.
Then Ellen the dancer
leans toward Tasos
and with their eyes closed they sing embracing each other:
Cheers to the Greek National Team!
Is there something to blame to the Parliament,
Is there something to blame to the Nation's Representatives,
wasted and faceless people, oh boy?
If the head is aching
it is because of the faceless love
that is has been found.
But my love has a name,
has a body and a religion
and grandfathers in autonomous countries
under the Turkish Occupation.
God save us
So we can always meet again
in wild parties, oh boy,
with circled dance
and be free
like rivers.
And in the night's glowing light
our bond is tightening more,
and it couples with old paths on fire
with our future's rock.
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Author's comments:

Personal communication with D.S. few weeks ago. Babis mainly, and me in the second place, belong to the close circle of Thessaloniki's old friends of D.S. Lydia is Babis's little daughter, at the time the song was written. She is now married and has a daughter herself.


Ας κρατήσουν οι χοροί

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