Yanitsa - Всичко чуждо пожелаваш (Vsichko chuzhdo pozhelavash) (English translation)


Всичко чуждо пожелаваш (Vsichko chuzhdo pozhelavash)

Между двама да си трета -
знаем ти го психопортрета
Всичко чуждо пожелаваш,
ей, хей, равна нямаш!
Виждаш го, че с мене е тука -
и си мислиш: "много ми пука".
А аз си мисля - егати боклука!
Колкото повече мръсно ми правиш -
да се радвам повод ми даваш.
Никакви изгледи да го направиш твой!
Колкото повече му се предлагаш
се излагаш - бягай да лягаш!
Никакви изгледи да го направиш твой!
Да му пращаш секс sms-и -
ясно му е колко добре си!
Да не си на под 18, ( осемнадесет)
хей, хей, айде осъзнай се!
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English translation

You want what's someone else's

Being the third one between two people 1
We all know your psychological portrait
You want what is someone else's
There is no another like you 2
You see that he is here with me
and you're thinking, "What do I care?"
And I'm thinking, "What a piece of trash!"
The more dirty tricks you're playing on me,
the more reasons you're giving me to be happy!
You don't have a chance to make him yours
The more you're offering yourself to him,
the more you're embarrassing yourself - go to bed
You don't have a chance to make him yours
Sending him sex texts
He can see how well you are in the head 3
Are you under 18?
Hey, hey, come on, wake up 4
  • 1. Trying to separate a couple
  • 2. negative meaning
  • 3. He can see that there is something wrong with you
  • 4. Realize the truth
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