Звезды над морем (English translation)

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Stars above the sea

Under the tangled head of hair
There is no sleep
Among the endless abyss of stars
I am looking for just one.
And though the sky is clear and there are almost
No clouds
It's hard to find a grain of sand
Among the sands.
Above the sky,in the azure and the distance
I am almost drowning.
Among the bitter-and-salt drops
I am looking for one
But it's a vain effort
Go on,Sisyphus,
Recognise in the clamour of the birds' flock
The call.
I am not asking to save me,
I can do it myself.
I am not asking to find me,
I am not hidden.
But I wish I knew in the choir of the endless
Pleas and insults
If the eternity hears my voice,
And it is saying..
"Intoxicating air,the silk of the water
And the Milky Way..
I want to draw a breath
And breath everything in,
Even if I choke,but it's still not enough
Of the stars and the water,
And I can go crazy
Because of the beauty"
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Звезды над морем