Elitsa & Stoyan - Изгряла Зора Деница (English translation)


Изгряла Зора Деница

Изгряла зора Деница
Над каменския равен мост
Не била зора Деница
Най била мома Калина
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Song is not written in modern Bulgarian, it is a little bit hard to understand

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English translation

Venus has risen

Venus1 has risen
Above the Kamen's2 even bridge3.
It wasn't Venus
But it was maiden Kalinka.
  • 1. https://bg.wikipedia.org/wiki/Венера_(планета) ...(На Земята тя може да се наблюдава само непосредствено преди изгрев и след залез. Обикновено тогава тя е най-яркото небесно тяло след Луната и Слънцето и затова понякога често е смятана за звезда и е наричана Зорница, Денница (Деница) и Вечерница) - On the Earth Venus is visible before sunrise or after the sunset. At this time it is usually the brightest celestial body next to the Sun and the Moon and it was taken for a star, called Zornitza (Zora) - Dawn, Dennitza, Denitza (Ден {den} - day) or Vechernitza (from 'вечер' - evening).
  • 2. Village's name
  • 3. At the time bridges sometimes were built like this one - http://www.biodiversity.bg/static/wallpapers/var_03.jpg
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