Billy Hlapeto - Кажи ми вече всичко (Kazhi mi veche vsichko) (English translation)

English translation

Tell me everything

Tell me everything already
I know you’re like me
I’m not indifferent
there is no way for you to deny...
Let there be winter again and let there be no feelings,
let me forget about the time and relax
Stop kissing me, 'cause it’s getting complicated –
it’s getting ugly, please, I’m serious
Touch me where nobody else wants to
Tell (me) I’m dreaming about you and that I miss you
Lie to them that I’m overreacting and that I’m confused
Explain to them that I’m gone and completely insane
I don’t think I can give anymore without getting anything in return
What is it that makes you think it’s too late?
Thousands of questions covering thousands of wounds,
which one of them was you, damn it, I forgot..
Sometimes I’m impossible, and you’re sick of me,
but I want you and I miss you
Even alone, I know, I’ll come back again to the place where you turn everything inside me upside down
Tell me everything already
I know you’re like me
I’m not indifferent
there is no way for you to deny
I’m sorry that it happened this way – honestly,
It wasn’t easy for me to be gone often
Now I know – it’s pitiful
and it’s too little, we’re relying on fate
While waiting for my muse to come back, I’m asking myself, what’s gong on
I was a child with a sample of loneliness
My hands are cold, there is no veins on them anymore
There are only two faces there, are they real with each other?
Time is passing and it’s making something in me scream
It was worth it for us to try
Tricks don’t work, I told you not so long ago, the thrill that my arms made you feel is gone
Was it love that made us surrender?
24/7, first or last
I have no bad intentions, but I need a little time…
Why is it that you can’t argue (with me)?
I’m too complicated for you
You know very well that we won’t stop here,
Everything is inside you, look for it
Maybe you have a reason, but what is it?
You always stop, you want to do better by yourself
Sometimes you can’t and that’s why we’re two
I know that you’re right for yourself
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Кажи ми вече всичко (Kazhi mi veche vsichko)

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