Ладки, ладоньки, ладyci (English translation)

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Ладки, ладоньки, ладyci

Ладки, ладоньки, ладyci
Oй, ладyci, ладки
Де буливи?
-У бавусі.
- Що їли?
- Оладки
З чим оладки?
Із медком
Та солодким молочком.
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Pattycakes, pattycakes, pattycakes

Pattycakes, pattycakes, pattycakes
Oh, pattycakes, pattycakes
Where have you been?
- At grandma's.
- What did you eat?
- Pancakes.
Pancakes with what?
With honey
And with sweet milk.
Submitted by BongHitter69420BongHitter69420 on Fri, 25/09/2020 - 11:02
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