My bandito (Мы бандито) (English translation)

  • Artist: Adventures of Captain Wrongel (Приключения капитана Врунгеля)
  • Also performed by: Leonid Agutin, Vladimir Presnyakov
  • Song: My bandito (Мы бандито) 2 translations
  • Translations: English, Ukrainian

My bandito (Мы бандито)

Мы бандито, гангстерито, мы кастето — пистолето, о-йес,
Мы стрелянто, убиванто, украданто то и это, о-йес,
Банко — тресто президенто ограблянто ун моменто, о-йес,
И за энто режисенто нас сниманто в киноленто, о-йес!
Мы бандито, знаменито, мы стрелято пистолето, о-йес,
Мы фиато разъезжато целый день в кабриолето, о-йес,
Постоянно пьем чинзано, постоянно сыто — пьяно, о-йес,
Держим банко миллионо и плеванто на законо, о-йес.
Мы пирато, гастролеро, мы сеньоро де ля воро, о-йес,
И гражданто убеганто в рассыпанто престо скоро, о-йес,
А-ля белло де бамбино все игранто гангстерино, о-йес,
У мамано цап монето и стрелянто пистолето, о-йес.
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слова - Ефим Чеповецкий, музыка - Геогий Фиртич

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We're banditto

We're bandito, gangsterito, we're knucklitto, we're gunitto, o-oh, yeah!
We shoot-itto, we kill-itto, we theft-itto this-and-that-to, oh, yeah!
Banco - Trusto, presidento, rober-itto un momento, oh, yeah!
And because of this, the directoro shooto uso in cinema! (Oh, yes!)
We're bandito, famousitto, we're shootitto from gunitto, o-oh, yeah!
We're fiato, we ride-itto every day cabrioletto, oh-yeah!
Constantlitto drink Cinzano, constantlitto fedo `n drunko, oh-yeah
Put in banco millionito and don't care about lawito, oh-yeah!
We're pirato, guest artisto, we're segnoro de la theivo, oh-yeah!
Cityiento runo awayo und scattero presto-fasto, oh-yeah,
All-a bello de bambino, all playento gansterino, oh-yeah,
U mammano take moneyo and shootitto from gunnitto, oh-yeah!
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I DON'T take responsibility for any violation of brain activity after reading this translation Regular smile Read at your own risk.

(Actually it is jokingly song from soviet cartoon movie, where characters sing a song where russian words sounds in "italian-style") Wink smile

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Regular smile Teeth smile :bigsmile:

I love this translation!

vugluskr-666vugluskr-666    Wed, 31/10/2018 - 18:00

i think i improved it a little:

We're banditto, gangsteritto, brass knuckletto, pistoletto. Oh yes!
We are shooto, we are killo, we are steelo this and thato. Oh yes!
Banko, trusto, presidento - we will heisto un momento. Oh yes!
And for thato, directoro filmo us in moviento! Oh yes!

We're banditto, famousitto, we do shooto from gunnito! Oh yes!
We're Fiato - every day we cruiso in cabrioletto! Oh yes!
Constantinto drink Cinzano, alwaysito fullo, drunko! Oh yes!
On accounto - milliono and we spitto on lawento! Oh yes!

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