Nadya (Надя) (English translation)

  • Artist: Dolphin (Дельфин | Андрей Вячеславович Лысиков)
  • Song: Nadya (Надя)
  • Translations: English
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I am a redhead bitch with ragged tail.
My dinner - snow, my puppies - at the bottom of the channel.
I cut a throat with my broken tusk,
I lapped up cooling blood.
I have been kicked by hundred legs.
My face has met a bunch of burning logs.
I drink from puddles of the oiled roads
Reflection of the sky that doesn’t see me.
Seeking warmth in breathing of wastewaters
And limply dragging broken leg of mine,
I thought about when peace would come for me
And put soft cotton silence all around.
I always thought that children were the evil
And that the world for them was just a butterfly on the tip of a pin.
However I forgave them always for
That they sometimes gave shelter to the cur.
I once was listening to rain, it told me
These drops once were the moisture of a sea
Warmed by the sun among the wondrous rocks
And any sorrow could be drowned in it.
And so I left, through hunger of long days,
For the shores of my only hope.
But it was only getting colder
And the sea turned out to be made of snow.
I would give anything for just being
Someone else’s, here on the bottom of the Universe.
To finally officially cool
In caring hands of ordinary love.
I am a redhead bitch with ragged tail
My dinner - snow, my puppies - at the bottom of the channel
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Nadya (Надя)

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