Он глядит на неё (English translation)


Он глядит на неё

Он глядит на нее, скребет на щеке щетину, покуда несут соте.
"Ангел, не обжившийся в собственной красоте.
Ладно фотографировать - по-хорошему, надо красками, на холсте.
Если Господь решил меня погубить - то Он, как обычно, на высоте".
Он грызет вокруг пальца кожу, изводясь в ожидании виски и овощей.
"Мне сорок один, ей семнадцать, она ребенок, а я кащей.
Сколько надо ей будет туфель, коротких юбочек и плащей;
Сколько будет вокруг нее молодых хлыщей;
Что ты, кретин, затеял, не понимаешь простых вещей?"
Она ждет свой шейк и глядит на пряжку его ремня.
"Даже больно не было, правда, кровь потом шла два дня.
Такой вроде взрослый - а пятка детская прямо, узенькая ступня.
Я хочу целоваться, вот интересно, он еще сердится на меня?"
За обедом проходит час, а за ним другой.
Она медленно гладит его лодыжку своей ногой.
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English translation

He's Looking At Her

He's looking at her, scratching his stubbly cheek while waiting for his sauté.
"An angel who haven't inhabited her own beauty.
Forget photorgaphy - it would be proper only in paints and on canvas.
If God wants to ruin me, then He's getting on pretty well, as usual".
He's biting skin on his finger, exhaustedly waiting for whiskey and vegs.
"I'm forty-one, she's seventeen, she's a child and I'm a Slenderman.
How many shoes, minis and coats she's going to need;
How many young fops are going to be around her;
What are you doing, stupid, don't you understand the basics?"
She's waiting for her cocktail and looking at the buckle of his belt.
"Didn't even hurt, though I bled for the next two days.
He's like so big and grown-up, but his heels are so tiny, like children-size, and feet so narrow.
I wanna kiss, and I'm wondering: is he still angry with me?"
The dinner goes on for an hour, and then for another one.
She's slowly stroking his ankle with her leg.
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Author's comments:

Slenderman from the middle of the poem appears as Koschey in the original text. Koschey is a character of Slavic mythology known for being skinny, evil, and kind of immortal. I looked for someone similar in English folklore, but that search was not successful, and then I decided to make Koschey a Slenderman, as he seems to be at the same time most alike the said character and also more or less known is English speaking world.