Плакалі ветры (Plakali vietry) (English translation)

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Плакалі ветры (Plakali vietry)

Плакалі ветры ў дуброве параненай,
Плакалі ў лузе шаўковым.
Помніш ты першае наша спатканьне?
Плакалі ветры ў дуброве.
Вольна кацілася песьня вясновая.
Ёй у грудзях было цесна!..
Сьмела, свабодна да сьветлага, новага
Вольна кацілася песьня!
Плакалі ветры…
Плакалі ветры, у дуброве галосячы,
Плакаў і бор смуглабровы.
Помніш ты наша спатканьне ўвосень?
Плакалі ветры ў дуброве…
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English translation

Winds were weeping

Winds were weeping in a wounded oak-grove,
Weeping in the silky meadow.
Do you remember our first date?
The winds were weeping in the oak-grove.
A rural song was flowing freely,
It was too big to stay in a chest!..
Boldly, easily, towards the bright, the new,
A song was flowing freely!
Winds were weeping...
Winds were weeping, howling in the oak-grove,
The dark-browed pine forest was weeping, too.
Do you remember our date in autumn?
The winds were weeping in the oak-grove...
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