Покемони: Хроніки Джото (Pokyemoni: Khronіki Dʐoto) voice over (English translation)


Покемони: Хроніки Джото (Pokyemoni: Khronіki Dʐoto) voice over

Кожний хоче стати майстром
Кожний хоче перемогти
Кожний хоче бути найшвидшим
Кожний хоче досягти вершини
Це новий світ для нас з тобою
Тут багато невідомого
На тебе чекають нові покмони
Спробуй спіймати їх усіх
Покемони: Хроніки Джото
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Sadly, it really DID air on TV like this.

Voice overs are sometimes also called voice lectures

So far, only 2 known openings in Ukrainian are known. If there are any more things relating to Pokémon in the Ukraine, it is considered lost media.

This season was a Ukrainian voice over using the English dubbed version of the show. Even though this opening was just "spoken over" (I'm not even kidding here) the show itself used many (if not all of) the cast members from the Russian dubbed version of the show. The Russian dub was not a voice over at least. The Ukrainian voice over used lyrics that did not rhyme.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Ukrainian lyrics that I had found were incomplete.

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English translation

Pokemon: Johto Chronicles

Everyone wants to become a master,
Everyone wants to win,
Everyone wants to be the quickest,
Everyone wants to reach the heights.
This is a new world for us,
There are lots of unknown things,
There are new pokemons waiting for you,
Try to catch them all.
Pokemon: Johto Chronicles
© Vladímir Sosnín
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Sailor PokeMoon2    Tue, 13/11/2018 - 21:38

That really WAS the English translation!? I found an English translation on a different website and that is also what the website said was the English translation.