Brutto - Приказ Эрнесто (English translation)

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By order of Che

St Patrick's clover and Thor's hammer
Go to overdrive, smash the mountain with your skull,
ruby red is your symbol.
There is no unsolvable problem in this world.
Be realistic, ask for the impossible1
Demand! Rise up! Fighting is not difficult!
Be realistic, ask for the impossible
By order of Che2, stand up right away!
By order of Che! By order of Che!
A wandering tale, emerald city3
A celebration of joy to liven up working days
Wind fills the scarlet sail4
There are many wonders left in this world.
Be realistic, ask for the impossible! (x4)
  • 1. The same slogan from the May 1968 "revolution" is given in French at the end. The Russian goes "dream about the impossible" though
  • 2. Ernesto "Che" Guevara
  • 3. From The wizard of the emerald city, a Soviet adaptation of The wizard of Oz
  • 4. Refers to the scarlet sails tale. Originally a novel by Aleksander Grin, but it can also be understood as a metaphor for communism revival
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Приказ Эрнесто