Рапапам (Rapapam) (English translation)

  • Artist: Miyagi & Andy Panda (Эндшпиль) ( «Miyagi» — Азамат Кудзаев и «Andy Panda » (старый псевдоним-эндшпиль)— Сослан Бурнацев)
  • Also performed by: Эндшпиль, 9 Грамм
  • Song: Рапапам (Rapapam) 2 translations
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I'll take off my backpack.
I'm sick and tired of all these gangsters, whores, pimps and beggars.
A rock forest will let me in, and my heart longs for the past.
Nothing is beyond my control, because I do things my way, I soothe my nerves with the beat.
I know this city by heart - it sleeps without lights.
My car drives fast again and again.
Let's sing! No hard feelings. All right?
You know, the cup of love is full - we must drink from it.
Joining hands with strong grip, we run away from out problems using long roads. They won't be able to find us.
A dream let me to hug you,
These thoughts swirl in my head. Take five.
Trust the guy, the young rapper,
I sing from the heart, and you know I love.
Her eyes become more beautiful every day.
Roses fall from you, I began to believe in miracles.
I started everything from scratch. Get out, demon! Take the weight of heaven as it is.
This soft thrill is a life there.
My homeboy, this is paradise.
And we are bad boys, hi!
The puddles underfoot don't hinder me.
I learned to fly there, and with you I don't fucking care about anything.
Down with the luster of the mega-metropolis!
Just let me remember the house I grew up in,
where rivers flow and the trees crack among the mountains.
My friends lit a fire.
This is love. How long could I live without you - my country?
I have a lump in my throat, as I remember the life's images.
Nothing was dirty. We were in peach with the world from dawn till dusk.
We ran, skinned our knees, and rejoiced. It was all good.
Time, bring me back to where we were carefree. Let me enjoy the place where there smiles never end.
On black and white photos - there are children at school time.
We loved life from night till morning.
As kids, we turned the house upside-down, with a whistle we rushed like a tsunami over the garages and around the yards.
What a pity that we grew up.
There's only a longing in my heart, a longing.
9 grams1:
My car's speedometer reads 2002, we are together.
Crossing roads with the abyss - with a loud song.
The wind blows through the windows.
Once again the world is so small and out of balance.
Avenues, streets, buildings look like they were painted glossy.
Heightening our senses, slowing our breathing.
Babylon shall fall, forgotten by God,
a lot of bad things are buried in the ruins.
I'll lie on the ground, close my eyes...
my mom's hands and dad's voice,
Children's smiles, the scent of her -
I couldn't bear to live without all of this.
I'll delete the account,
I'll delete the contacts, and throw away the passport.
For breakfast - air, tobacco, mint.
Passing by animals, people and plants, I walk barefoot on asphalt, getting blisters, faster than the shades of the past to freedom, racing with an infinite universe - for what time has prepared.
I will write it down and save it in a notebook to remember everything that happened. I draw on paper, so I won't forget detalis.
I will live!
Leaving sequencer sounds like my fingerprints, my thoughts in my tracks, LOGIQ book, KRK, cords, microphone, beat, bass compressor, records, frequencies and waves. The metronome monitors the tempo.
My bad mannered ways, I call all of this art, you call it rap.
I can’t live another day without music.
All music I have is all for you.
And if you let my words into yout speakers - it's always with love and only from the heart .
Signature: 9 grams.
Hook (many times)
  • 1. the weigjt of a bullet
  • 2. kilometers per hour
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Рапапам (Rapapam)

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