Химна Светом Сави (English translation)

  • Artist: Danica Krstić (Даница Крстић)
  • Song: Химна Светом Сави 2 translations
  • Translations: English, Russian

Химна Светом Сави

Ускликнимо с љубављу
Светитељу Сави
Српске цркве и школе
Светитељској глави.
Тамо венци тамо слава
Где наш српски пастир Сава.
Појте му Срби,
Песму и утројте!
Благодарна Србијо,
Пуна си љубави
Према своме пастиру
Светитељу Сави.
Цело Српство слави славу
Свога оца Светог Саву.
Појте му Срби,
Песму и утројте!
С неба шаље благослов
Свети отац Сава
Са свих страна сви Срби
С мора и Дунава.
К небу главе подигните
Саву тамо угледајте.
Саву српску славу,
пред престолом Творца!
Да се српска сва срца
С тобом уједине,
Сунце мира, љубави,
Да нам свима сине,
Да живимо сви у слози,
Свети Саво, ти помози,
Почуј глас свог рода,
српскога народа!
Пет векова Србин је
У ропству чамио
Светитеља Саве
Име је славио.
Свети Сава Србе воли
И за њих се Богу моли.
Појте му Срби,
Песму и утројте!
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Hymn to Saint Sava

Let's call out with love
For the Saint Sava
[All] Serbian churches and schools
For Saint's head
There's wreaths, there's glory
Where our Serb shepherd Sava is
Sing for him Serbs
A song and cross yourselves!
Thankfull Serbia,
You're full of love
Towards your shepherd
The Saint Sava
All of Serbia celebrates its glory
Their father Saint Sava
Sing for him Serbs,
A song and cross yourselves!
From the sky he sends his blessings
Saintly father Sava
From all sides, all Serbs
From the sea and Danube.
Raise your heads towards the sky
See Sava there.
Sava, glory of Serbs,
In front of the Creators throne!
Let is be so all Serbian hearts
Unite with you,
Sun of peace, love
Let it be so that it shines for us all,
So that we'll all live in peace,
Saint Sava, please help,
Hear the voice of your people,
The Serbian people!
For five centuries the Serb has
In slavery languished
Saint Sava's
Name he celebrated.
Saint Sava loves Serbs
And he prays for them to God
Sing for him Serbs,
A song and cross yourselves!
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Some parts of this were really hard to translate, so take the translation with a grain of salt.

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