Bulat Okudzhava - Я вновь повстречался с Надеждой (English translation)

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I ran into Hope again

I ran into Hope1 again, what a pleasant encounter.
She still lives in the same neighborhood, only I was away.
She still wears the same merry poplin dress,
her eyes are as bright as ever, staring at centuries to come.
You are our sister, we are your silent brothers,
and it's hard to believe that life is so short.
Didn't you promise us palaces of gold?
We could draw them for ourselves in our young days,
we could pick songs and destinies at leisure,
and woe betide those who'd wanted to hold us back!
You are our sister, we are your restless judges,
Happiness came our way, then went out of sight.
If one could someday bring hope and love together,
what an incredible picture would be revealed!
We would be spared useless torments, and only
the most wonderful afflictions would knit our brows...
You are our sister, why did we stay apart for so long?
Youth disunited us, now old age is bringing us together.
  • 1. in Russian, "hope" (nadezhda) is feminine and also a common first name
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Translating the beauty of this song is beyond my ability, but hopefully this will give you an idea of it.

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Я вновь повстречался с Надеждой