Ukrainian Folk - Іванку, Іванку, (English translation)


Іванку, Іванку,

Іванку, Іванку,
Купи ми рум'янку, (2)
Би м ся рум'янила, (2)
Як піду до танку.
У мого Іванка
За шапков косиця, (2)
Тоді він до мя іде *, (2)
Як зійде зірниця.
Серед села липа
Барвінком обвита. (2)
Кажуть люди, Йванку, (2)
Що я була бита.
Темна нічка, темна
До самого ранку. (2)
Любила-м та й буду (2)
Я тебе, Іванку.
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English translation

Oh John, Oh my Johnny buy me some rouge

Oh John, Oh my Johnny,
Do buy me some rouge, (2)
Then I'll redden my cheeks, (2)
When I'd go out dancing.
Oh, has my Johnny
A Lock of long flowing hair, (2)
Then he'll come to me, (2)
When the stars will arise.
Mid the Village, a Linden
Wound about with myrtle. (2)
People say to Johnny, (2)
That I was beaten so.
Dark is the night, so dark
To the early morning. (2)
Did, I love and will love (2)
You my dear, Johnny.
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Author's comments:

The oak or linden, always a male symbols, wedding wreaths are usually woven with myrtle, Barvinok, a symbol of long life.

Kashtanka1965    Sun, 16/04/2017 - 01:56

It's not a question- she did love and will love Ivanku. Also Ivanko had a braid under his hat- Ukrainian Cossacks used to have a braid, while the rest of the head was shaved.
Happy Easter,

Steve Repa    Fri, 21/04/2017 - 04:29

Thanks, In english how would you call it, a herring, a tail, a lock??? it would not be understood. Christ is risen!

Kashtanka1965    Sat, 22/04/2017 - 00:23

Most probably herring(оселедець)