בלילות לבד (English translation)

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At night alone

Hi, I just wanted to talk
I can not more
Being alone at night
I just wanted to talk
To see if it all works out
Not to be alone at night
No lie, this felt so intoxicating
Finish all the drinks at the bar and no one to talk
There is no one to get up in the morning, who do not get a smile
Even my coffee sad just watching me upside down
Two Sugar - My Sweet It just gets me Mr.
And if there is no point today for tomorrow what's the point?
I do not want a bleak future in the shadows of the present
Just want to conquer peaks to terms with you
And have no peace, only the calm before the storm
Every part I miss you even a single hair
If Aikmno the situation let's straighten things out
That your absence causes insanity in front of a thousand bullets
So what day? And what it says on the clock?
Sometimes it's hard to breathe, step out from the heart
It is not out of my mind, I'm going crazy
Again assuming that you will not be with me
Like it was yesterday, exchanged glances cold
The question of questions, I told you lies
I started screaming, I cried even then I hid my face
I made a crack in the wall here - I left a crack in here
And I'm trying to pinch myself, maybe it was all a nightmare
Once again it pinches the heart that this reality
And my smile not smile, it's just another curved line
You have everything and I have nothing without you
Stretching all the way, culminating in the elevator
I found out the tears so you told me you found
Then you were silent and without words I understood what you wanted
With all my temperature remains cold, even cried
I'm going far away from you now - it does not hurt when seeing
I just wanted to thank you for filling my life
There are moments when I realize that all this is true
Then eat your heart although I have no appetite
I know I was born a winner, not lost in life
But how the hell winners nostalgia?
My heart would stop beating if there is someone there for me
But I'm not angry at you, I'm just angry at myself
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בלילות לבד

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