מלכי המלכים (Malchey HaMelachim) (English translation)

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King of Kings

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Forgive me father because I have sinned you
I danced every crime
And the days when I forgot you
I was always
Every path that I took, actually
you were a light to my feet
I was blind, I didn't see
what my eyes saw
King of kings, thank you for life
for happiness, for tears, for laughter
and when it's hard sometimes, G-d also,
you are never far
And because I go and my path is dark
I trusted you, my G-d
on the second half, on my first born, and a girl
Thank you for everlasting happiness
Thank you for holidays
On the Sabbath that I keep
that will never end
Every day that passes, my path towards paradise
I have set you before
my eyes
King of kings.
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מלכי המלכים (Malchey HaMelachim)

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