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King of Kings

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Forgive me father for I have sinned to you
Forgive me for all my crimes
Including the days that I forgot you
You were always
In my life
All the paths that I went through
You were a light to my feet
I was blind, I couldn't see beyond
What my eyes saw.
King of kings, thank you for life
For happiness, for crying, for laughing
Even when it is hard at time, it is also, G-D
You are never far behind
Also when I walk and my path is dark
I trust you my G-D
For a second half (wife?), for firstborn boy and for a girl
Thank you also for the abundance of happiness
Thank you for the holidays
And for Shabbat that I keep
That should never end
Every day that passes on my way to paradise
I have set you in front of
My eyes
King of kings...
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מלכי המלכים (Malchey HaMelachim)

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