Ahuva Ozeri - צלצולי פעמונים (English translation)

English translation

Clock Chimes

Clock chimes
echo in my heart
on the road meeting me
my heart is humming and excited
I'm still here for you
Your image walks and becomes distant
here I am in front of your house
My eyes drew tears of joy
my life as days of unripe fruit
We were together a naive couple
a bit naughty, a bit different
smile, dimple, a fire burns in me
a fondle a bit, I'm shy
the blood goes, the time passes
The heaven for height, and the earth for depth,
and the heart of kings is unsearchable. (Prov 25:3 KJV)
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Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada for hebrewsongs.com.


צלצולי פעמונים