Etghayarti (اتغيرتي) (English translation)


Etghayarti (اتغيرتي)

اتغيرتي لدرجه
اني خلاص مش عارفك
بقي معقول ديه حقيقتك
ومكنتش شايفك
من جوايا بقيت مش عايز
أكون وياكي
واعرفي اني اكيد
وف أقرب يوم هنساكي
خدت الدنيا براءتك منك
وحاجات كنت عشانها بحبك
واديكي عايشه كده وخلاص
اتعلمت معاكي وجنبك
مليون حاجه تخليني اقابلك
من غير قلب ولا احساس
من دلوقتي
مفيش ولا حاجه افتكرك بيها
هنسي حكايتي معاكي
كأني معشتش فيها
عمري ما هندم ع الأيام دي
ومش هتألم
وان كان ليكي ذكري معايا
يلا خديها
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English translation

You've Changed

You've changed to the extent
that I don't know you at all now
Is it possible that this is your truth
that I couldn't see?
Deep inside I now no longer want
to be with you
And you should know that I will surely
forget you as soon as I can
This world has taken away your innocence
and many other things that I loved you for
And now you are simply living [pointlessly]
When I was with you and by your side I learned
a million things that are making me treat you
in a heartless and emotionless fashion
Starting now
There will be nothing to remind me of you
I will forget my story with you
as if I never lived in it
I will never regret these days
And I won't be in pain
And if I still owe you one of our memories
Then come take it away..
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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