Rasha Rizk - الممثل (Al Momathil) (English translation)


الممثل (Al Momathil)

اتسكرت الستارة
وصفق الجمهور
ولبست الضحكة نفسها
وحييت الحضور
مسحت المكياج
ومسحت الشخصية
وشلحتْ الازياء
وشلحت الحرية
واطلعت عالشارع
سرقت من وجوه الناس
قناع الواقع
رمادي بلا احساس
بلا احساس
القناع الهادي
الي غالبا حيادي
وبدون الانفعال
وللصدق ما في مجال
وشكلي صار متل اي انسان
لحتى ما يقولوا عني فنان
والمزاج لازم تمام
منشان الصورة
وفتحت الستارة
وصفق الجمهور
وانتعش قلبي
بصوتي يحكي
بين سطور عن حب عن موت
عن جوع عن خوف
عن كلمة بدي قولا
مخنوقة بالجوف
وبصير انا
متل ما بدي انا
كون الصورة والمضمون
كون الفكرة والجنون
والحقيقة بالعيون
وهيك بكون
كل يوم بعيد الكرّة
دوري برجع بعيد
كل يوم الستارة الحمرا
بتتكفلني من جديد
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English translation

The Actor

The curtains closed
And the audience clapped
And I put on the same smile
And greeted the spectators
I wiped off the make-up
And wiped off the character
I took off the costumes
And took off freedom
And I went out on the street
And I stole from the faces of the people
The mask of reality
It is gray and void of emotions
Void of emotions
A tranquil mask
which is mostly neutral
and with no reactions
And honestly, there's no room [for them]
And I started to look just like any person
So that they wouldn't call me an artist
And my mood had to be tip-top
for the sake of my image
in the press
in the press
And the curtains opened
And the audience clapped
And my heart was invigorated
with my voice that is reciting
lines about love, about death
about hunger, about fear
About a word that I want to say
that is suffocated in my mouth
And I'd be myself
Just like how I want to be
I would be the image and the content [behind it]1
I would be an idea and a fit of madness
And [I'd be] the truth in [all] eyes
And I would be that way..
Every day I repeat the same thing
I constantly go back and do it again
Every day, the red curtains
envelop me once again
  • 1. I.e. I would be real/My outward appearance would coincide with my inner self.
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