Hobbik Baram (حبك برم) (English translation)


Hobbik Baram (حبك برم)

حبك فرض حالو فرض
بالطول ع قلبي وبالعرض
انت مكانك بالسمــــــــا
بالغلط جيتي عــالارض
حبك برَم راسي بـــــرِم
طلعتي حقيقة مش حلــــم
فيكي أنا مت وعشت
وانت ولا عندك علــــــــم
كل شي حلو بعمري مرق
قدام جمالك انحــــــــــــرق
بحلاك وبحلا عيونـــــــــك
بالدنيي الله ما خلـــــــــــق
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English translation

Your Love Turned

Your love forced itself on me
and on my heart in every possible way
You're place is actually in the sky
But you came down to Earth by mistake
Your love turned my head so much
You turned out to be a reality, not a dream
And in you, I have lived and died
When you have no clue about it
Everything sweet that happened in my life
burned down in front of your beauty
Your sweetness and the sweetness of your eyes
is something God hasn't created anything like
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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