Mohammed Assaf - سيوف العز | Seyouf El (English translation)


سيوف العز | Seyouf El

يا ارض ترابك عطر للدار ، ريحـة غـار
سبحان الـ عاطيهـا
و رجآل ع حبآتهـا بتغـار
لـو حـداا آتطلع فيهـا
لِك يآرب ، يــــاارب!
مكتوب عنـا صآر نحمـي وطـن بـ حجآر
و بـ حجآر نبنيهــا
يآ هـلا و الله بـ رجآلنـا
يآ سيـوف العـز قبآلنـاا ، فرسآن تتحدي العـدا
بـ قلوب صُلب جبآلنـا
يآ أميـرة قلبـي لآ تخآفـي
آسمـك و بلآدي ع شفآفــي ، لآشيلـك و الله ع آكتافـي
و نكتبب بالحـب كتآبنـا
يآ ربعـي و اغلـي آحبابـي
يآ قلبـي الـ عآيـش بـ ترابـــي
مآ عنـدي غآلـي بـ حسآبـي الآ نآسـك يآ آرضــي
يآ دار محروس أبوابـك
ع النــاآر تركـض شبآبـك
و ختيـار آغلـي أحبابـك
متلـك غالـي يآ ترابنــاا .
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English translation

Swords of glory

O, our land, your earth is a scent for our homes that smells like laurel.
Praised the Lord for this grant.
Men, who feel jealous
if anybody looked to their beloved
Oh, God! OOOh, God!
It's our fate to defend our homeland with stones1
and to build it using stones
Welcome, our men
swords of glory raised on our front,2 knights who challenge enemies
whose hearts are as strong as our mountains
Princess of my heart, don't be afraid
Your name is (always) on my lips as the name of my lands is. I swear to carry you on my shoulders,3
and to write with love our book4
My fellows, O, my dearest beloved
O, My heart living on my earths
Nothing is precious to my measures except for your people, my land.
O, my home whose doors are well-guarded
Your youths run toward fire
And your old man is our most beloved
He is as precious as you, our earth
  • 1. The singer is Palestinian and Palestinians are well-know by defending themselves against armed Israelis using stones
  • 2. This line can be understood as: you are..... or welcome swords ......
  • 3. To take you, to cross with you all obstacles
  • 4. "to write our book" in Egypt means "to marry". But I'm not so sure that it means the same in Palestine
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