Fairuz - Katabna W Ma Katabna(كتبنا و ماكتبنا) (English translation)

English translation

We wrote and we didn't

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We wrote and we didn't wrote and such a loss what we have
We wrote 100 letters and didn't receive response till now
We used to send him a letter and he would send 2
What they have told my love?you have changed the last couple months?
The last time we met we reconciled!
If you are still mad with us at least let us know
I remember when you came to the house in the evening
I don't know how my heart was flying and even the house was!
And when you said you want a drink. Jasmine started to cry
And told me oh poor you !we said we have stopped put we didn't
You who get our hearts and the absence gets theirs!
We have beloved ones who do you think poses them?
Come back before coldness dwells our knights
Other than the old beloved ones we don't have sincerely. ...you don't have oof....my love
I can have a glance at his open window far away across the valley
And the pain in my wounded heart strick deeper
It seems your love is not pure....
And you don't intend to come to our neighborhood
The pine tree birds came back but our loved ones didn't
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Author's comments:

Such a beautiful song describe the first love feeling ,so hard to express feeling's and way harder to transfer them between cultures I tried my best I hope you will enjoy it !


Katabna W Ma Katabna(كتبنا و ماكتبنا)