مو نادمه (English translation)


مو نادمه

مو نادمه اني وفيت
مو نادمه انك نسيت
طبعي الوفا لما احب والطبع يسير صاحبه
مابي انا تحبني غصب وقلبك في حبي تغصبه
كنت اعتقد مثلي تحب لكني فعلا واهمه
مو نادمه .. مو نادمه
انا حبيتك بكل قوتي
وبكل جنون العاطفه
وجرحك دفين .. جرحك دفين
يا حيف صابت هقوتي
اشكي الهموم الزايفه
وقلبي الحزين .. قلبي الحزين
راح تتذكر طيبتي
وتحن على وقت مضى
وتندم اكيد .. تندم اكيد
لكن تأكد رجعتي
أبعد من نجوم السما
وأبعد بعيد .. أبعد بعيد
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English translation

I have no regrets

I do not regret that I was loyal to you
I do not regret that you forgot me
It is in my nature to be loyal and nature guides its owner
I do not want your love by force or force your heart to love me
I thought you were the same as me in love , but I was wrong
I have no regrets .. I have no regrets
I loved you with all my strength
And with all the madness of passion
But it was a deep wound, a deep wound
Alas, My instinct was right
I was complaining about fake worries
My poor heart .. my poor heart ... ..
You will remember my kidness
And miss the old times
Of course you're going to regret it
But I'll never come back to you
Now I'm as far away as the stars of heaven for you
And far beyond it ..very far away.
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