Faia Younan - يا ليته يعلم (Ya laytahu ya3lam) (English translation)

English translation

If only he knows ...

Tell the dear, whose dwell is in the depth of (my) heart
that I keep seeing him even when I don't,1
that my eye is attached to seeing him
no matter how far our homes are from each other.
If only he knows that I don't recall him.
How to recall what I don't forget?!2
You, who claim3 that I don't remember him
God knows, that I don't forget him4
Even if he's absent, (my) soul is his home
How would the heart forget the soul dweller?
  • 1. She means: even if he is absent and I'm not seenig him Physically, I keep recalling his image, his phantom
  • 2. It means: to remember someone,
    you must forget him first. And I can not forget him (and I don't want to)
  • 3. Literally: Who is misled, who is fancying
  • 4. not for a second. He is always in my mind
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Author's comments:

This song is based on an ancient poem (about 1300 years old)


يا ليته يعلم (Ya laytahu ya3lam)