O.A. Ramos - “Omne bellum pro libertate” (English translation)


“Omne bellum pro libertate”

Ego formas meorum stelliferum somniorum stimulo
In naturam nostrarum vitarum. Familiam dissimulo
Fractorum verborum in arca. Supra mortem prætereo
Nationis tibi nobilitatique tua. In albo papyro indagatio
Tuæ magnanimitatis continuat sine fructu. Vetus
Fessusque ego sine ambitu ambulo. Novus impetus
Surgit in meum confusum cordem et dum judico ibi:
Sui juris impigrum incorruptum animum habeo. Tibi
Dabo nullum et tui sumo nullum. Historia inenarrabilis
Dormit antequam me. Mea indomita incertitas indissolubilis
Stat ut ea est quia amo, vivo, et sum ut ego sum non aliud quicquam.
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English translation

“Every kind of war for independence”

I stimulate the shapes of my starry dreams
Into the essence of our lives. I dismantle the family
Of broken words in the coffin. Above the death of a nation
I pass for you and your nobility. In white papyrus the investigation
Of your magnanimity continues without fruit. Old
And tired I walk without a compass. A new attack
Arises into my confused heart and then I judge there:
I have an independent indefatigable incorruptible soul. To you
I shall give nothing and from you I take nothing. An indescribable history
Sleeps before me. My indomitable unbreakable uncertainty
Stands as it is because I love, I live, and I am as I am without anything else.
Submitted by O.A. Ramos on Sat, 05/08/2017 - 22:47
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