Azami no Uta (あざみの歌) (English translation)

  • Artist: Chieko Baisho (倍賞 千恵子)
  • Also performed by: Masako Mori
  • Song: Azami no Uta (あざみの歌) 2 translations
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Azami no Uta (あざみの歌)

山には山の 愁いあり
海には海の 悲しみや
ましてこころの 花ぞのに
咲きしあざみの 花ならば
高嶺の百合の それよりも
秘めたる夢を ひとすじに
くれない燃ゆる その姿
あざみに深き わが想い
いとしき花よ 汝はあざみ
こころの花よ 汝はあざみ
さだめの径は 涯てなくも
香れよせめて わが胸に
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Song of thistles

Mountains fill my heart with sorrow
And the wide sea with sadness
But they can't make me as sad
As the thistles in the flower garden in my heart.
More than unreachable lilies up in the mountains
The thistles that glow red in the field
Deeply thrill my heart with their secret desires.
Oh my precious flowers, you thistles
Flowers of my soul, you thistles
No matter how far I must go this road
Bloom always in my heart, you thistles
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English snorio
Please help to translate "Azami no Uta (あざみの歌)"
tonyltonyl    Tue, 25/04/2017 - 12:14

My teacher told me of a completely different interpretation of the songs that makes it all make sense to me.

A man sings this songs, and he likens someone he loves to a Thistle. So it's "The Song of the Thistle." Now all the lines make sense.

くれない燃ゆる = endlessly burning
And his thoughts are always about her, the thistle.

What do you think about that?

snoriosnorio    Tue, 25/04/2017 - 13:35

The lyrics is ambiguous. This is a song about thistles as a flower but also about a woman who lives like thistles.
But she is not a real person he loves but a woman he longs for as an ideal woman.
The lyrics was written by Hiroshi Yokoi. He once said in an interview
"I overlapped my image of an ideal woman with thistles, the flowers which are neither gorgeous nor noble, but bloom plainly but enthusiastically. But it is not about some particular person. Even now I look at it the same way."

tonyltonyl    Wed, 26/04/2017 - 16:14

Thank you very much, your explanations and translations are always very helpful.

(the lyrics are*)

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