そして…めぐり逢い (Soshite... meguriai) (English translation)

English translation

And then... a casual meeting

If we spend the time talking it would be endless
But if we spend it looking, now it would be a funny story, right?
We spent the time together on that room
The key, is still in my heart
Ah, I don't want to go home tonight
One spring, two springs and then... a casual meeting
"Was it good?" Are you happy?
It seems it became more beautiful that in that time
A white finger shakes the glass
That gesture is like the old days
Ah, I'll always remember you
One dream, two dreams and then... a casual meeting
Tears float, smiles are painful
A fragile place in my emotions is like before
I'm worried about saying the impossible
That time was too childish
Ah, I'll always love you
One winter, two winters and then... a casual meeting
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そして…めぐり逢い (Soshite... meguriai)

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