とどめを刺して (Todome o sashite) (English translation)

  • Artist: amazarashi (あまざらし)
  • Song: とどめを刺して (Todome o sashite) 3 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, Spanish
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Stab the end

Versions: #1#2
When you say you're disappointed-you're like a disappointed girlfriend
Before dawn, a bloody sky--a day like the dead comes again
Your eyes were rejecting Vague acceptance and Sadame
What was supposed to be heard-most of it
What's funny is that Paranoia is laughing without dislikes other than himself
Don't cry when you're sad
Hey- Don't ever cry
Stab you at the end, threatening you
Let's run away with me-to the end of the earth
The pursuit is darkness-the sea without tomorrow
Everybody has a tough time-just say that
I want to make your spicy mediocre-someone's unconsciousness makes someone hot
I ran along the blue national highway and felt like I could run away
I felt like I was being chased by something
Tell us that the faster your heart beats, the faster you go
Don't admit that you don't run with a painful face
Hey- Don't ever cry
Stab you in hiding you
Let's run away with me
Life I couldn't keep
A photo of you and my face at the diner I stopped by
Wanted news-killed my feelings
Two men and women being deliberately escaped
While changing your clothes を
Hey-Raise the volume of the radio
I feel like it's the best I can't stop laughing
I can go anywhere I can go anywhere
Hey- Don't ever cry
Stab the end to you who oppress you
Run away with me until I run out
There is no good or no reason in this world
Sharp curve intense speed sled
I imagined the end of this, of course.
I'm trying to make a turn
At least the last is laughing
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とどめを刺して (Todome o sashite)

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