ダンガンビート (Dangan Beat) (English translation)

English translation

Bullet Beat

I know, recklessly - No way? I kept drawing it (Before it disappears, look)
“I’ll show you the next world”
I can’t stop. The accelerating rhythm guides me (Now, before it disappears)
Challenge me to a fight. I don’t need anything like comfort. “No way out!!”
(Get out!! Get out!! There are only past and future. Wake up!! Wake up!! Get up, hurry)
Running away from everything like “losing” (Climb over it, get through it) Now, shine!
Our bullet beats synced, and we gradually started to shake
This world where we grasped victory together is an answer
Don’t let the timing escape you. I don’t want anything like eternity
Because I want to change it (You want to see it, right?) No matter how many times it’s been beaten down, this beat is coming alive
Skill? For a daredevil, it’s no good. They kept blaming me (Who’s right?)
“I’ll search for the next answer”
We found each day, clinging to the accelerating rhythm (Which is the mistake?)
People always just want to win without fighting. “No way out!!”
(Fight on!! Fight on!! Opponent? Ally? Invincible? Ride on!! Ride on!! Catch what’s ahead of you, hurry)
Rather than being caught by the past you ran away from, (Just look forward, just keep going) Yeah, shine!
Our bullet beats sync, and gradually our bodies demand it
It’s still not enough; I want to pass through this world
How many times shall we take the chance?
I don’t want anything like peace of mind. Because I want to change it (You want to see it, right?)
The new world will take me there
Bye bye, the light shined. Bye bye, the memories that passed by, too
Even if I cry or shout, this world is an answer
Our bullet beats synced, and we gradually shook harder. Because it all changed
Let me go already. Can I go? Life goes on. I know.
It won’t end yet.
Here we go. I will try again. Be what I want to be.
It can always change. This beat is coming alive
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ダンガンビート (Dangan Beat)

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