Jiang Lei - 你儂我儂 (English translation)



你儂我儂 忒煞情多
情多處 熱如火
滄海可枯 堅石可爛
此愛此情 永遠不變
把一塊泥 捻一個你
留下笑容 使我長憶
再用一塊 塑一個我
長陪君旁 永伴君側
再將你我 用水調和
重新和泥 重新再做
再捻一個你 再塑一個我
從今以後 我可以說
我泥中有你 你泥中有我
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Submitter's comments:

This is a love poem purportedly written by a lady painter named 管道昇 Guan Daosheng, wife of the famed calligraphist 趙孟頫 Zhao Menghu in the early years of the 元 Yuan (Mongols) dynasty (1271-1368).
Legend has it that Zhao was considering marrying a second wife (a concubine) which was a commonplace practice in China in those days particularly among the rich and powerful and Zhao was a very high-ranking government official. Though Guan was unhappy, she did not create a row but simply wrote this little love poem. Zhao found the poem and was so moved that he at once dropped all such thoughts. After Guan passed away, Zhao never re-married and chose to be buried with Guan.

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English translation

You and Me, Me and You

You and me, me and you are deeply in love
When love is enormous, it’s hot like fire
Ocean can dry, solid rock can break
This love will not change
Get a piece of clay, clone a doll like you
Leaving a smile, let me yearning
Get another piece, shape a doll like me
Accompanying you forever
*Then smash the dolls together
Fuse you and me with water
Fuse the clay and start again
Clone another you and shape another me
From now on I can say that
In my clay I find you here, and in your clay you find me there
Submitted by hankeat on Wed, 13/09/2017 - 18:01
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