Leslie Cheung - 你在何地 (English translation)

English translation

Where are You

At night there is this show on the ceiling
Always can't switch off the projector in my heart
You, only you are on the curtain of night
Drifting over and fliting again, then I remember
*The old shadow, the old voice, but the new pain
Is hounding and attacking me, unable to withdraw or avoid
From now on I then know how much I love you
My thought has long been with you
At the old place I can't find you anymore
Like a camera has lost its focus
You, why I don't see you? Only this dazzling and bustling place
**Should I let this infatuation freeze to death
From now on I'll not ask to be with you anymore
But at this night the ceiling is still yearning for you
My lover, (where are you) at this ice-cold deep night?
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This song is in Cantonese.



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