僕とヴィーナス (Venus and I) (English translation)

  • Artist: Momoka Ishii (石井 萌々果)
  • Song: 僕とヴィーナス (Venus and I)
  • Translations: English

僕とヴィーナス (Venus and I)

Dōshite son'nani kireina no?
Dōshite son'nani yasashī no?
Shinju no yō ni hikarukimi to
sugoshita hibi wa marude kiseki
kiminotonari, narabi haete
hanashikaketa, asa mo yoru mo
itsunomanika tewotsunaidara
futari koi ga musubitsuita
vi~ nasu kimi wa sekaiichi sa
boku wa kimi wo mamoritai
chokushi dekinai hodo utsukushī
mainichi shiawaseda yo
kenkashitari naite mite mo kawaranai sa
ano hi no kimochi
chotto ya sotto ja kuzurenai
koi ga ai ni kawatta nda
vi~nasu kimi ga moshi karete mo
boku wa itsumo kimigasuki
shiwashiwa ni naru made tonari de
omoide o tsukurou ne
vi~nasu kimi wa uchū ichi-sa
boku wa kimiwomamoritai
zuttozutto-saki no mirai demo
futari wa futari no mama
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Venus and Me

Why are you so beautiful?
Why are you so sweet?
You shine like a pearl
The days I've spent with you are like a miracle
Ever since I sprouted next to you*
I've talked to you day and night
Before we knew it, we were holding hands
A romance connected us together
Venus, you're the best in the world
I want to protect you
I can't look at you directly, you're too beautiful
I'm happy every single day
Even when we fight and cry
The feelings I felt for you that day never changes
They're so strong, no small thing could shake them
A romance has grown into love
Venus, even if you're withered and wilted one day
I'd love you always
Until the day we're all wrinkly
Let's keep making memories side by side
Venus, you're the best in the universe
I want to protect you
Far, far into the future
We will still be us
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Author's comments:

*This line was a head-scratcher but after some research, I've learned this is a song about love between two mushrooms....

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