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勞斯萊斯 (Lou Si. Loi Si) (English translation)

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/Chinese (Cantonese)

Louis and Lawrence

Louie and Lawrence are both good-looking boys {*1}
Louie is a school team elite
Lawrence only loves reading
They see each other often, wearing the same white shirts
This romance sets in adjacent desks
Yet, they do not dare let their guards down
To be close friends, there’s more or less love involved
But as brothers, and to love as such,
Bystanders would certainly not accept
If they were to hug, even by accident,
One of them would surely shy away
However enjoyable that might be, they’re afraid to admit
Even if they avoided making eye contact
Deep down they’d knew love was involved
A boy and a boy, how could they be that close?
Louie couldn’t deal with it, but he did promise 'her'
Lawrence was just as infatuated
Until 'she' finally took a leap
Their eyes met as 'she' took off 'her' blouse
It was only then did Louie realize
he had never thought of his close friend as a girl
To be as close friends, there’s more or less love involved
But as brothers, and to love as such,
Bystanders will certainly not accept
Why does true love always end on a sad note?
He is truly surprised, as he thinks about the past of how they used to shop, study, and stare at the sea
They’re practically lovers, as the cards finally did reveal
Why be afraid, if you feel that this is love?
Why calculate who he is and wonder if it adds up in the end?
Which bystander will accept love as such?
Perfectly compatible but against all odds, then let it go
To be in denial and not come out
The world will then never change
As there will only be more tragedies buried under the name of sins
Do love, like the Butterfly Lovers {*2}
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{1} Louie and Lawrence are characters from the play 梁祝下世傳奇, which featured this song
the Chinese title 勞斯萊斯 can also be translated directly as Rolls Royce

{2} Reference to the legend of The Butterfly Lovers, a Chinese ver. of >

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