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Seriously the teachers say one can't succeed without doing studies;
Nervously Father tells me not to wear short skirts;
Mother lectures me to be very careful,
preventing the boys who keep an eye on me from being close to me;
But love is so beautiful and moving in songs and poems;
the romantic novels by my pillow make me crazy;
Not knowing what love is, I'm really curious about it;
And I suffer from being restricted like a prisoner;
Parents double their reproach as I express my discontent;
Judging that I'm wrong like unregistered judges;
Depression fills my vessels as I'm about to break the bottles;
The elders always make me down;
with so many judgements everywhere;
I want to play, but how to do it with restrictions?
They always make me low by asking me return home early.
I'm rebellious and I like playing at night.
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