名前 Namae (English translation)

  • Artist: amazarashi (あまざらし)
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名前 Namae

君の名前はなんだっけ? ふと思い出せなくなって
言葉に詰まって噴き出した ヘラヘラ笑ってごめんな
人は一人で生きてけない それは確かに間違いじゃない
必ずどっかに属していて 家族 学校 社会とか
君の名札に書いてある もしくは名刺に書いてある
もしくはカルテにかいてある ひそひそ影で呼ばれてる
肩書き 陰口 あだ名とか 全くもって僕は嫌い
ひとまず話しをしようか それで全部分かるさ
嘘つき 理想家 夢想家 鬱病 右か左か
僕らただ生きてるだけで 名前だけ入れ替えられて
社会性不安障害 ギターロック JPOP フォーク
何だっていいだろ 僕の話しをまず聞いてくれよ
僕が小学生の時は “調子いい奴”と呼ばれたよ
人の顔色うかがって 人によって態度を変えて
音楽を始めてからは “バンドマン”と呼ばれたけど
高校卒業した途端 “フリーター”ってどうなのさ
僕自身はガキのまま 何にも変わってないけれど
時と場合と状況によって 名前は変わるらしい
だからそんな落ち込まないで 僕は君を知ってるから
「誰だお前は」と言われたって お前が先に名乗れよ
債務者 クズにろくでなし 無職に 自殺志願者
僕らただ生きてるだけで 名前だけ入れ替えられて
無神経 保守派 革新派 不登校 中卒 高卒
何だっていいだろ 君の話しをまずは聞かせてくれよ
どんな風に呼ばれようと 好きにやるべきだと思うよ
君を語る名前が何であろうと 君の行動一つ程には雄弁じゃない
ゴロツキ 被害者 加害者 負け犬 傍観者 容疑者
僕らただ生きてるだけで 名前だけ入れ替えられて
愉快犯 情緒不安定 ホームレス 日雇い労働者
何だっていいだろ 君のやるべき事をやり遂げてくれよ
君の名前はなんだっけ? ふと思い出せなくなって
ちなみに最近の僕はよく “皮肉屋”って言われるよ
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What was your name again?
Suddenly, I can’t seem to remember.
I'm sorry that I laughed at you so hard.
At a loss for words, it just came out.
Man cannot live without one another.
There’s no mistake about that.
You’re always a part of something bigger,
Whether your family, school, or society itself.
Your name's written on your name tag.
Or maybe it's written on your business card.
Or maybe it's written on your medical records.
So many shadows whisper out to you.
They know you by titles, gossip, and nicknames.
To tell the truth, I really hate all of those.
How about we get to know each other first?
Then maybe we'll understand each other.
Whether a liar, idealist, or dreamer;
If you have depression, whichever side you fall on;
All we’re doing is trying to live our lives.
The only thing that’s different is our names.
If you have social anxiety disorder,
Whether you like rock, pop, or folk songs;
Does any of it really matter?
If you would, won’t you listen to my story?
When I was in elementary school,
Everyone always liked to call me “Slick.”
I spent my time trying to read their faces,
And changing how I acted accordingly.
Of course, once I’d gotten into music,
They started calling me the “Bandman.”
And shortly after I graduated high school,
Everyone called me “Mr. Part-Time.”
Nothing’s really changed about me,
Since I was that little punk kid.
My name was the only thing that changed,
Based on the time, place, and circumstances.
So try not to get so down about it.
I understand what you are going through.
You asked me who the hell I was?
Tell me who the hell you are first!
Whether a debtor or a good-for-nothing bum,
If you’re unemployed and don’t want to live anymore,
All we’re doing is trying to live our lives.
The only thing that’s different is our names.
Whether insensitive, conservative, or liberal;
Whether a truant, middle school or high school graduate;
Does any of it really matter?
If you wouldn’t mind, could you tell me your story?
Every now and then I‘m made to carry some gaudy signboard.
Every now and then I‘m accused of some unspeakable offense.
How many names could tell your whole life’s story in a single word?
I bet you can’t think of very many, can you?
So tell me,
Now what sort of word should we know you as?
I think you should pick the word you like best.
What sort of name would you choose for yourself?
Reducing everything you’ve done to one word isn’t very elegant.
Whether a thug, victim, or culprit;
Whether a loser, bystander, or suspect;
All we’re doing is trying to live our lives.
The only thing that’s different is our names.
If you’re neurotic or a narcissistic criminal,
If you’re homeless or a day-laborer,
Does any of it really matter?
All anyone can do are the things they have to.
What was your name again?
Suddenly, I can’t seem to remember.
That reminds me, I never mentioned my name.
Now they call me the “Man with the Sharp Tongue.”
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