Gacharic Spin - 宝物 (Takaramono) (English translation)

English translation


Reflected in photographs, these days will fade sometime
Though I want this time to continue forever
In my chest, the shining fragments of a dream are always calling out
Because I want to take your hand and walk forward together
Why does the time I spend with everyone pass by this quickly?
Each time is a treasure, so thank you
I believe in the bond between our hearts. I can only continue forward
It’ll reach the future, so let’s keep singing this song together
Look, the ideal world we were painting that day
It’s starting to shine this much now
Until the moment the end comes, how much can we tell?
I want to live to the fullest at every moment
Why does the time I spent with everyone remain in my heart this much?
Each time is shining
From now on, let’s make the memories we’re building together irreplaceable
When these times have passed, our treasures won’t be erased
Why does the time I spend with everyone pass by this quickly?
I want to always be here
I won’t forget
This place is our treasured ideal world
I’ll keep protecting the warmth that’s only here,
Into the future
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宝物 (Takaramono)

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