寻找真相 | Xún zhǎo zhēn xiāng [Into the Unknown] (China) (English translation)

  • Artist: Frozen 2 (OST)
  • Featuring artist: Weina Hu, AURORA
  • Song: 寻找真相 | Xún zhǎo zhēn xiāng [Into the Unknown] (China) 2 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2

寻找真相 | Xún zhǎo zhēn xiāng [Into the Unknown] (China)

我听见你 我防备
谁自寻烦恼 但我不会
有千百种理由 我不要再理会谁
忽视你的低语 对我无形的支配
你的声音 对于我绝对无意义
就算我听见 我没有 只是我的恐惧
抱歉这神秘的声音 我跟你没关系
我经历过太多 不需要再冒险
我害怕如果追随你 后果不堪没想
你要怎样 每个夜晚你缠着我
你是否干扰着我 让我轻易就犯错
或许有人呼唤我 因为我们很相似
心中明白 我本不属于这里
每一天力量再增长 可我并不想这样
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To find unknown

Versions: #1#2
I hear you,I defend
who can seek trouble for oneself,but I'm not
I have thousands of reasons to ignore somebody
I ignore your whisper that control me in invisibe
Your voice it means nothing to me
Although I hear it ,I'm not ,just my fear
All the person I beloved they all stay in there
Sorry,the weird voice,I have nothing to do with you
Sorry,the weird voice,I have nothing to do with you
I've been experienced too much don't need take a risk again
I'm afraid that if I follow you, the consequences will be unthinkable
To find the unknown
Mysterious unknown
Strange unknown
What do you want you bother me every night
Whether you bother me,let me make fault easily
Maybe someone calling me because we are similar
My heart know that I'm not belong to there
My power are increasing everyday
But I don't want like this
There is some hope call me go to the far
To find the unknown
Mysterious unknown
Strange unknown
where are you,whether I could to
Feeling you and give me directions
Where are you going don' t desert me
How I can follow you
To find the unknown
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IceyIcey    Thu, 28/11/2019 - 16:07

I'm sorry, this text is hardly understandable. Whenever you deal with languages you're not fluent in, you should always ask for proofreading, so other users can help you correcting your mistakes.

MusuneeMusunee    Thu, 28/11/2019 - 16:53

[@Icey] Actually, I don't think they are doing these trasnlations themselves. If you check their profile, you'll see they are translating from 35+ different languages. It would be amazing if they could really speak all of those...

IceyIcey    Thu, 28/11/2019 - 16:43

You're right on that, but since this user seems to be native Chinese, I'm led to think this translation was in fact made by them.

MusuneeMusunee    Thu, 28/11/2019 - 17:06

Well, their native language may be Chinese but that doesn't mean they actually speak English. But I guess It seems to be the case because Chinese-English is what they use the most and this translation is not an exact copy of GoogelTranslate, it just looks choppy.

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